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About The Movie

Benjamin Owen (producer) could only remember part of the illustration he heard a pastor give years ago. However; he wrote a short movie outline, filling in the missing details, and showed it to Caleb Phipps (director). In the weeks that followed, Caleb expanded that outline into a screenplay.

In late May 2015, Caleb and his brother Anthony joined Benjamin in Tennessee to begin the joint film project with Stone Davis as lead actor.

The short film was completed and released online in 2016 with permission granted for church use. And the movie recieved a number of awards at film festivals the same year.

In 2020, the producers learned about another version of this sailboat story when contacted by The Children’s Bible Club. It seems likely that a children’s book written long ago, called “Little Boat Twice Owned,” is what had been referenced in a pastor’s sermon, and thus sparked the idea for this short movie. While there isn’t any connection between this movie and The Children’s Bible Club, the producers would like to acknowledge the historical work…. After all, if you like the new “Twice Owned” movie, you may also enjoy the classic content available from their website: childrensbibleclub.com The “Little Boat Twice Owned” book is published as part of their “Living Stories” collection.




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“Phipps Philms is comprised of three Phipps brothers, each sharing the desire to tell meaningful stories through the medium of film.”


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