• The Dove Foundation recently reviewed “Refracted Glory” and we’re very happy to have recieved a Dove Seal recommending our hummingbird documentary for family viewing.  You can read the review HERE.


    “We are proud to award ‘Refracted Glory’ the Dove ‘Faith-Friendly’ Seal for all ages.”

    The purpose of the Dove Seal is to identify a video or entertainment product that is “appropriate for the  family” based on Judeo-Christian ethics.

  • Here is what one viewer said after watching “Balance of Justice” :

    “I just finished the documentary and can’t believe the depth and breadth you covered in less than 60 minutes while completely capturing the viewer with insightful, well-varied interviews, quotes and b-roll. I had planned to watch this while typing on another project, but once it started, it grabbed my complete focus.

    Col. Eidsmoe and David Fowler were excellent authorities. I really enjoyed their take on positive versus negative law, particularly when Eidsmoe explained why negative laws support greater liberty than positive laws. I don’t think I’ve heard it put that well before.

    The time and thought you invested in this project shows on screen in a very positive way. It gives better and more pointed treatment to this issue than anything I’ve seen on television. Of course, it’s really nice to agree with every word that is being said for a change. Masterful work.”

    –Mark B.

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