• RG_VODthumb_square800We’re very excited to make “Refracted Glory” available for online rent/streaming through Vimeo and Reelhouse.  This is a great alternative to buying the DVD if you only want to watch the movie once.  Both sites offer a PayPal checkout option.


    Similar to YouTube, Vimeo is a video hosting service.  They also have an “On Demand” store where you can download or rent movies.


    A unique feature of Reelhouse is the option to gift the rental to a friend. Simply click the “purchase as gift” button on the checkout page.

  • RG_PremiereEvent3

    We had a great turnout for the “Refracted Glory” Premiere this week with around 200 in attendance. Everyone seemed to enjoy the film and it was exciting to see the response.

    Cast and Crew attending were David Rives (the documentary host), the Hummingbird family, Caleb Phipps (cinematographer) and Luke Holloway (3D animator). We had a good time talking about the production and answering questions after the movie. David Rives also sang one of his songs called “In His Hands”. Video of the Q&A time has been posted to the Behind The Scenes Blog, for those who could not attend in person.

    Thank you to everyone who came and to those helping us make this event happen! You can see audience comments and pictures on the event page: www.RefractedGlory.com/event


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