30 Ways to Pray for People in Authority

“30 Ways to Pray” from  GetAmericaPraying.com Scripture instructs us to pray for all in authority (1 Timothy 2:1-2), but how do we do that, exactly? Here are 30 ways to pray for our leaders — our judges, educators, police chiefs, school board members, military officers, elected officials, and others who serve our country by leading. 1. That they be God-fearing and recognize that they are accountable to Him for each decision and act.  (Proverbs 9:10) 2. That they be granted wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.  (James 1:5) 3. That they be presented with the gospel and a loving Christian witness.  (Romans 10:14) 4. That, if unsaved, they be drawn to a saving encounter with Christ; if born-again, that they be strengthened […]

Viewer Comment | Balance of Justice

Here is what one viewer said after watching “Balance of Justice” : “I just finished the documentary and can’t believe the depth and breadth you covered in less than 60 minutes while completely capturing the viewer with insightful, well-varied interviews, quotes and b-roll. I had planned to watch this while typing on another project, but once it started, it grabbed my complete focus. Col. Eidsmoe and David Fowler were excellent authorities. I really enjoyed their take on positive versus negative law, particularly when Eidsmoe explained why negative laws support greater liberty than positive laws. I don’t think I’ve heard it put that well before. The time and thought you invested in this project shows on screen in a very positive […]