“Balance of Justice” | DVD


Truth defines justice, but how do we define truth?  Listen to the studious insights of Ben DuPré, Col. John Eidsmoe, David Fowler, Bodie Hodge, and Dr. John Laida.

RUNNING TIME : 56 minutes

over 20 minutes of extended interview content


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Having law and order in society depends on an absolute standard. The question is; who’s standard will that be? This is a critical time for our nation and we need to understand these topics from a Biblical perspective.

Is our constitution outdated – should it evolve to meet the needs of a modern society? Should churches embrace concepts like “social justice” and “hate crime” legislation? Should Christians be involved in politics? In an ever changing world, can there be an absolute standard for justice?

With exciting music composed by Darren Dixon, “Balance of Justice” features narration by Mike Brooks and the acting talent of Nathan Keeler.

“Balance of Justice” seeks to address trends developing in America that threaten to destroy our liberty and distort justice. Concepts like the “living constitution” approach to our rights and laws.  Promotion of an undefined “social justice.”  The use of “hate crime” legislation.  Belief that truth is relative.

Is there anything we can do to protect our liberty and ensure justice is done?   Sure, we can vote, but as Christians (and even as patriots) does our duty end at voting?  Not only can we do more, we should do more.  Because more than just freedom hangs in the balance.

It gives better and more pointed treatment to this issue than anything I’ve seen on television…. Masterful work. — Mark B.



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