New Hummingbird Bible Study


The new five part “Refracted Glory Bible Study” released earlier this spring.  It adapts the documentary film to a format suitable for group studies.  The study booklet, written by Caleb Rodriguez, takes a slower pace than that of the film, which allows for a deeper exploration of Scripture.

Hummingbirds, whether viewed in rocks or in flight, in laboratories or in backyards, point us to the eternal life only found in Jesus Christ.

“It became clear that the ‘Refracted Glory’ movie was rather hard for churches to use,” says the film’s director, Benjamin Owen; “but we wanted that content to be usable for church groups.”  The solution of a Bible study came through much prayer, and the collaborative efforts of Caleb Rodriguez, David Rives, and others.

The accompanying DVD provides an introduction for each session, with the “Refracted Glory” content referenced in the study booklet.  “You could say the documentary looks mostly at the science, where as the study book is focused mainly on Scripture,” explains Owen.

Each session is rich with scripture and insight, great for stimulating exciting discussions with your family or bible study group.  While hummingbirds may point us to Scripture, it is Scripture which enables us to understand hummingbirds. And in every matter, His word is found reliable and relevant for our daily lives.

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