More Ways to Buy “Refracted Glory”

It has been exciting to see “Refracted Glory” enjoyed by people from all over and share the life-changing Gospel message through hummingbirds.  We appreciate your help in letting people know about this unique documentary.

We continue to get a good response from audiences and there is always excitement toward the topic of hummingbirds at events.  For most, seeing hummingbirds in slow-motion is enough to interest them… but “Refracted Glory” goes further and leaves people truly in awe.

It is our hope that they are not in awe only of hummingbirds; we want Jesus Christ to be the true focus.  We want people to remember our Creator whenever they see things like hummingbirds; that they might give GOD glory, “who is blessed for ever” (Romans 1).  So tell a friend, tell your family, tell others about the Creator of hummingbirds, who also created us and offers us salvation from sin and death.

The comment we’ve had most is; “loved the ending.”  Yes, praise the Lord!  Because we prayed more over the ending than any other part of the film.  The longest music track is at the end, which also had a great deal of prayer.  The ending is what we wanted people to remember, after watching all of the foundational information.  “Refracted Glory” was made mostly because that ending was possible.

Since release, “Refracted Glory” has increasingly been made available through various online stores and broadcast networks! What will be next for Border Watch Films?  Stay informed by joining our email updates list.