The year was 1940…. Winston Churchill had just become Prime Minister when Germany launched their attack westward – and the nightmare of a second world war became reality.

The British Expeditionary Force had already been deployed in support of France and Belgium when advancing Nazi forces threatened to surround them. Their best chance of evading defeat would be a strategic withdraw to Dunkirk, while still in the midst of battle. The risks of an evacuation were high and time was short as a national call to prayer sounded in England.

Narrated by Stuart Burgess, this inspiring docu-drama features animated maps and original film footage of war-time events. All new reenacted scenes dramatically bring to life the meaning and emotion of that uncertain time in history.

William Potter describes the events of this pivotal beginning of World War II and highlights moments of Providence which helped bring victory from the midst of defeat. Stephen Keller brings added insight, pointing out significant details behind the famous evacuation, which was code named “Operation Dynamo.”

“Operation Dynamo makes a fine pairing with Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk (2017) from last July and Joe Wright’s November entry Darkest Hour (2017). Through interviews and astonishing footage, the film seems to intend to fill in some of the historical and contextual cracks that could not have been covered in Nolan’s film. Director Benjamin Owen weaves the story well between these interviews, authentic clips and audio, an even and underscored narrative within a brisk, 40-minute film…… Dove awards Operation Dynamo approval for All Ages.” [read more]



“A documentary created with flair.” — Christian Life International Film Festival.

“Very solid videography and historical content. Great interviews and commentary. The maps that show the advancements of the armies was very helpful to the casual historian and helped to communicate what was going on at that moment in time. Seriously, History Channel quality.” — John A.

“I had the pleasure of attending two screenings of Operation Dynamo at the CWVFF18 and was surprised at the amount of new information I learned about Dunkirk. There were many providences of God that I had never heard a word about and there was a great balance of interviews, graphic maps, battlefield footage and historical re-creation of the time period. I actually enjoyed it more the second time round! Operation Dynamo is definitely worth watching and it gives one a greater appreciation for all of the heroes involved in the Dunkirk evacuation.” — Hosanna S.

“We were very pleased with the production and the information and Historical content provided…. Also paramount was William Potter’s insight into the event. His ability to describe feelings by soldiers as they face misfortunes and the elation felt as they’re snatched from the jaws of almost certain death. I recommend “OPERATION DYNAMO” to all who have a love of history and true events and happenings during our lifetime.” — Davis M.

“It was very informative and had great acting!” — The Christian Film Festival