Border Watch Films is an independent production company located near Nashville, Tennessee focused on “concept to distribution” filmmaking.


Our mission is to make unique presentations with engaging content that illuminates truth; pointing to Jesus Christ through….

WRITING THAT FLOWS: The written word is the most orderly of communications. We work hard to give our films a coherent, smooth flow. Each topic should transition into the next; building the complete message within context.

VISUALS THAT LEAD: Images communicate ideas in an instant. We seek to use the proper visual content for strengthening the message.

EDITING THAT SINGS: As one film editor was known to say a century ago; “It’s not singing yet.” We edit carefully, looking for just the right pacing to create a strong presentation. Indeed, more time is spent on editing than on recording.

Launched in 2012 with the documentary “Balance of Justice” which was featured in three film festivals during 2013. It has since been made available in multiple formats and aired on the NRB Network.

Border Watch Films continued with a second documentary titled “Refracted Glory” which released to DVD following its national premiere in September 2014. “Refracted Glory” received the IndieFEST Award of Merit in three categories (2014) and was an award nominee in the 2015 Christian Worldview Film Festival. It has also aired on television internationally, been adapted into a Bible Study and made available on multiple digital platforms.

Multiple projects were launched in 2015, with a few still in development. “Twice Owned” is a short allegory which released in January 2016 to online platforms and DVD. Another large-scale project centering on fireflies is in early stages of pre-production, having already completed some initial filming. The WWII documentary “Operation Dynamo” featuring historian Bill Potter was recently completed; showing at various locations early in 2018.

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Border Watch Films works with a network of Christian film professionals. Each project brings together a specialized team passionate about truth and beauty in presentation.

Benjamin Owen serves as producer/director – leading the development, production and distribution of BWF projects. At his high school graduation, Owen announced he intended to “produce films for the Lord.” He has since been recognized for work on award-winning documentaries, both locally and nationally.

Border Watch Films exists to craft presentations honoring to Jesus Christ, making every effort to be consistent with Scripture. We hold the following to be true….

– The Holy Bible is God’s word and speaks (in principle) to every aspect of life.
– There is one God, existing in three persons (Father, Spirit and Son).
– God created the universe and all creation in six days as recorded in Scripture. And science does not contradict six-day creation, but rather supports such a view.
– Mankind sinned – disobeying God – and the whole of creation is now in a fallen state.
– God the Son entered creation as a man and died on the cross, atoning for the sin of mankind, and was resurrected to life again.
– Jesus Christ is the only way of salvation, unto eternal life in heaven, and forgiveness of sin.
– Marriage, by definition, is the union of one man and one woman.

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