Pre-Release Teaser

The year was 1940…. Winston Churchill had just become Prime Minister when Germany launched their attack westward – making the nightmare of a second world war reality. The British Expeditionary Force had already been deployed in support of France and Belgium. However, they were soon at risk of being cut off by advancing Nazi forces. The BEF made a strategic withdraw to Dunkirk, while still in the midst of battle.

Circumstances seemed rather hopeless for the allied armies trapped on the coast of France. Any attempt to rescue the BEF would put the Royal Navy in danger. And time was short. While still uncertain of success, the signal was sent; “Operation Dynamo is to commence.”

Narrated by Stuart Burgess, “Operation Dynamo” features animated maps and original war-time footage. Reenacted scenes dramatically bring to life the meaning and emotion of that time in history. William Potter highlights moments of Providence as he describes the events of this pivotal beginning to the Second World War. Stephen Keller brings an added insight, pointing out significant details behind the operation.


Small events, over the course of a few weeks in 1940, influenced decades of world history.  But one event in history has influenced eternity.